Founded by Content Not Found: Windwalker and Content Not Found: Dunerunner after the Storm of Heracy the Hazir are protectors of the Seitches. Because of their role as caretakers of the few sources of water in the Valley of the Faithful the hold great power. It is not unknown for Hazir to seal seitches, sending it’s inhabitents to the desert, to allow their water reserves to renew. The Hazir do not follow any particular god, but seek to follow the philosophy of Windwalker or Dunerunner.

Hazir tend to live apart from the rest of society, tending the vapor collecting tunnels and the waste distillers of the seitch. Elder Hazir will train apprentances, those who hear the call of the wind or the song of the dunes. Before these aprentices can be entrusted with the protection of the seitch they must first walk in the world, experienceing all the sands have to offer. It is said that while they learn the desert Windwalker or Dunerunner will come to them. A challenge will be given and if the accept they will be tested to the extreme. But if they complete their trial, they will become one with the valley.

Relations with other Druids Hazir are not the only druids on Burning Sands, but they are the most common in the Valley. Those from outside the valley are seen by Hazir at best as unenlightened, at worst as vile heretics. Hazir have little contact with druids from offsphere, as few druids leave their home sphere, or willingly travel to Burning Sands. Those that do tend not to understand the complexity of life in the desert, and are looked down upon for their blindness.

After the succesful completion of their trial, Hazir can become the chosen of the Windwalker or Dunerunner. Those that hear the call and survive their initation become windriders or dunestriders

Windriders An order of Hazir who have dedicated themselves to the philosophies of the Windwalker. As Windriders they have limited control over the winds and can bend them to their will. The most common of the Seitch caretakers, they use their mastery of the winds to draw the moist winds.

Dunestriders It is said that Dunerunner could cross the Valley in three strides, those who follow him seek to learn that art. Dunestriders have almost perfect understanding of the ways of the sands. The desert, and its denizens are friend of the Dunestriders.


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