Party Housemaster and Guard


Tuk’dak is a simple creature, with a deep desire to guard.

Tuk’dak was a simple Gargoyle. Employed on various occasions as a guard of a variety of homes in [[Ibzaar Yeshen]]. Eventually was bound to a single town house. While the town house was occupied by a Jani he was convinced that an adventuring party was testing the household’s defenses. They were able to confuse Tuk’dak enough to keep him out of the fight with the Jani.

When the party defeated the Jani they them made Tuk’dak the house master, putting him in charge of guarding the whole home, not just the basement levels. He accepted the new responsibilities with gusto.

He was even more pleased when the [[Crossed Scimitars]] was forced to close by the [[Undercity War]] and the employees took refuge in the house. The party gave him the responsibility of protecting them as well as protecting the house while the party left the city.

While they were away, with Content Not Found: Zatar advising him, he transformed the home into a private club and embarked in many adventures to follow the party’s directives. Much to their surprise, chagrin, and occasional confusion.


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