Burning Sands

Into the Dragons den

Making up for past mistakes

The party was able to make contact with the Kobold Kasherazan Resistance. They were introduced to Kasherazan and explained how they were responsible for switching the Dragon Bane toxin. Needing to deliver the toxin quickly, or Kasherazan’s followers assault on the temple of Ishkalltset would crumble the party was quickly escorted to the front lines.

Their escorts assaulted the enemy Blue Kobold lines, opening a gap in their lines for the party to access Ishkalltset’s gallery. Before they could reach it they were stopped by a band of Elite Kobold Guards lead by a Elite Kobold Wizard. The party was charged and in the ensuing battle Tiralen sent her shocking Lizards to attack the Elite Kobold Wizard. Upon this attack one of the remaining Elite Kobold Guards turned and charged a Shocking Lizard, slaying it. Tiralen and Naqreef rushed to the lizard’s aid, slaying the final Guard and Reincarnating the lizard.

Packing the lizard away, awaiting it’s new form the party continued on to Ishkalltset’s lair. Two of the party they scammed the toxin information off came out of the gallery. One was sobbing, dragging the corpse of her companion. The party wizard came down the hallway after casting a wall of force to cover their retreat. He takes his party member out of the area as the party spell casters pooled their abilities to increase Naqreef’s chance of hitting Ishkalltset.

While waiting for the wall of force to dissapate Naqreef prepped his spear with the Dragon Bane toxin and Zen took the remaining Dragon Bane and both were turned invisible. As soon as the wall came down they charged. With a mighty heft he threw the poisoned spear at his enemy, and the spear clattered off the scaled hide ineffectually. Quickly recovering his spear he was able to bury the spear deep in the dragon’s flesh, and before the dragon could react Zen threw the Bane Grenade to cover Naqreef’s retreat. As the party ran away Samira signaled the rebels. The whole party was caught in the hallway leading out by Ishkalltset’s breath weapon as the party ran. They continued to run until they ran across the rebel forces and were escorted away as Kasherazan did battle with the toxin weakened Ishkalltset.

Afte the battle they were given a reward and escorted back to the city with a promise that the collapses would cease.



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