Burning Sands

Before the Descent

Finally, the mostly naked guy shows up

We return to our party standing over the dead kobolds they found in their basement…

While waiting for a response from the rough hewn hole in the wall Tuk’dak arrives bearing a message that there is a mostly naked man asking for the Adita Sune. the party went to meet him while Tuk’dak assigned one of the house guards to watch the hole.

The party met the man in a sitting room. He introduces himself as Amsi Zahur Yazid and lays prostrate in front of Naqreef, assuming that he is the Adita Sune. When the truth is discovered that Tirelin is actually the bearer of the Armaments of Adita Sune and that Naqreef bears the shield of Atemu Sesmunet Zahur Yazid is distraught. That the Adita Sune is a woman does not sit well, even worse she is a Hazir, his order has had a long standing antagonistic relationship with them.

He then left, but not before giving ominous mention that more of his order would be arriving soon, and once arrived they will determine if she is worthy of bearing the Armaments of Adita Sune

After that the party made preparations for descending into the lair of the kobolds.



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