Burning Sands

Back home, and something new

After returning from the ambush Naqreef confronts Samira on what she wants of him, and why she was in the city. Samira confessed that she has a bounty on her head placed there by the al Hazred family, that Urus had hurt those she cared for around the pilgrim trail. She also told Naqreef that she loves his poetry, kissed him, and fled.

Returning from the party Lotus found a package on her bed, in disgust she placed it outside her room for now. Tiralen changed back from her Lion form and worked with her animals.

The next morning Zen received a package containing maps and schedules for a depot of Guedado Mablevi’s forces. Their breakfast was interrupted by the wards detecting an invisible presence in the house. Jamar cast Invisibility Purge and a strange man appeared. he grabed one of the Dancers who were serving breakfast and demanded to be taken to Jesari.



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